Bulk SMS

The short message service or SMS has been the most important feature in the widespread popularity and development of the mobile phone in India and the entire world.

The SMS service in the form of Bulk SMS succumbs perfectly in the business and financial developments owing to the globalization in the nation. So what is actually a “Bulk SMS”? This refers to the huge volume of SMS being sent to customers, clients, companies and individuals, as part of the various social and business purposes. The Bulk SMS has efficiently promoted globalization in India being cost effective, fast and easy at the same time.

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Benifits of Bulk SMS :

  • Most SMS messages are delivered in seconds and you will also get confirmation of Bulk SMS delivery.
  • Responsive & customer Interactions: Alert your customers for latest offers.
  • Payment Alerts: Sending a bulk text message to your customers or dealers payment confirmations etc.
  • Bulk sms are routed from multiple bulk sms gateways.
  • Multiple routing & load balancers at our bulk sms gateway route.
  • Can opt for customizable speed as per the volume purchase.
  • We provide speed up to 25000 sms / minute.
  • Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results.
  • Priority bulk sms gateways/routes for instant delivery.
  • Low Cost/ cheap cost bulk sms with high volumes & best bulk sms services in the industry.