Real Time Services

Imagine an App for online activities; for every record there is a title, description, several photos and videos. It could be a single business owned application or could be a marketplace. Our CMS service is cost-effective and most user-friendly. We carefully listen to clients demand and develop accordingly.

Our products and services are available for our customers as per their requirements. Our modular and stand-alone coding approach makes us it easy for frequesnt change and implement in a short time span. Our mobile CMSs are be able to push content to different platforms, so that there would be a single content source for every app. Ideally, our CMS is capable to provide content to other channels throught our Rest APIs, thus becoming a single place for all the content.


  • Multi-platform - Reach a larger audience by publishing your app on the three main stores: iOS, Android & Windows Phone.
  • Infinitely expendable - From our API / Framework, create your themes, gadgets & custom plugins.
  • Natives features - Our customized CMS allows you to use all mobiles native capabilities, such as push notifications, accelerometer, or geolocation.
  • Content management - Manage your content easily.
  • Import content - Bring all your content from your web site.

Extensive Features:

  • Create custom forms
  • Share data with just one click
  • Get real-time insights at any instant of time
  • Add, modify, or delete data instantly
  • Work offline and sync with the server later
  • No worries of losing the data
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails