Web Training

IT Genius offers Web Designing Training using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver suports various client and server-side scripting languages like html, css, javascript, coldfusion, php, asp, actionscript, jsp etc. This software really helps to create repidly static and dynamic web applications.

We help you develop desired skills for front end online publishing. You get a number of opportunities to bring into yourselves industrial edge to work for online publishing. You also get complete exposure to screen based communication and world flows – a pre-requisite to enter into professional world of online publishing.

In Dreamweaver with HTML, CSS Training, web designers and developer teach the fundamentals of CSS while focusing on how to use Dreamweaver to efficiently create and manage styles. In Photoshop, Designers create an effective layout for websites. Our experienced web designers show to our web trainees, how to use Dreamweaver to resolve style conflicts; how to use new CSS-related features such as Live View; and the best way to create lightweight, site-wide style sheets and user friendly and seach engine friendly Webs.

    Course Highlights

  • Learn to create rich multimedia content for visually appealing websites
  • Learn web designing, animation, web scripting etc to get interactive websites.
  • Work with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc

Career Options:

Web Graphic Artist, Layout Artist, Image Editor, Web Designer, Presentation Artist, Flash Designer, Actionscript Programmer, E-learning Content Designer, and Instructional Artist etc.